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September Building Update

  Dear Neighbors, Here is what has been happening in the month of September: Foundation work in the front . This will be providing structural support for the recessed front entrance. It’s the gray concrete and rebar structure below the opening in the photo. Waterproofing . This is to prevent moisture from moving from the outside of the building to the inside of the building. This will wrap the entire bottom of the building. It’s the smooth looking, gray plaster in the photo.   HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) installation . We’re adding a modern HVAC system to create a climate controlled environment on the inside of the building. This will help us manage our energy bills more effectively and preserve the building for the long-term. It’s the cylindrical, silver tubes lying on the ground in the photo. Foundation work in the back . This basement used to be where the boiler and coal room were kept to heat the building. Since we’re adding modern HVAC systems, we can now reuse thi

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