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May 2024 Community Construction Memo & Building photos

  Dear Neighbors, We’re literally in the final stretches of construction. Pretty soon you’ll be able to come inside and see for yourself, but for now, here are some pictures and captions: Sanding down the walls in preparation for painting. Preparing to install a structural steel beam at the front of the building. Wow, now that’s a black ceiling! Perfect for a theater. Here’s another shot of the ceiling as well as one of the theater space walls. Last, but not least - the storefront going in. You’d be amazed how much design and iterations went into this part of the project. Let’s just say it took almost the entire duration of the construction to finalize what the end product will look like. What’s up next?   Finishing up the interior details (painting, cabinetry, etc)  Completing the storefront Installing theater lighting, audio / Visual system Chairs and platforms and other furnitures and fixtures will be added Testing the building systems (HVAC, mechanical, lighting etc)

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